Sale and rental of modular floating docks

Modular floating docks CUBISYSTEM

CUBISYSTEM, a French company founded in 1985 by Philippe Veyrières, is an industry leader in the conception, production and installation of modular floating docks

Give us your projects or ideas – we’ll make them float!

Modular floating docks

floating docks



   We provide a complete service, from the development of our client’s project through its   final installation for maritime, river, interior waterways and lake applications.

70% of our products are exported to countries throughout the five continents.

With 25 years of experience, CUBISYSTEM is recognised for its highest level of expertise, reliability and professionalism.

Our unique knowledge, competence, and outstanding referrals allow us to carry out the installation of even the most diverse and ambitious projects throughout the world.




 Initially developed for fish farming, our modular floating docks system is now used in a wide range of other applications:

Modular floating docks


CUBISYSTEM modular  floating docks can be purchased as permanent installations, or leased as temporary systems.

floating docks

PWC floating docks

All CUBISYSTEM products and services are certified and guaranteed.

The entire CUBISYSTEM line is certified by BUREAU VERITAS.

 In order to precisely satisfy our customers’ needs we produce their projects from inception to completion.

And to ensure their loyalty in France and overseas CUBISYSTEM proudly adhere to theses strong principles:

  • Technical excellence
  • Superiority and dependability of our products
  • Safety of our installations
  • Skilled and dedicated team
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Sustainable and ecological approach
  • Most innovative and cost effective solutions

Give us your projects or ideas – we’ll make them float!





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