Cubisystem Floating docks at the 2013 dubai Boat Show

 AL FUTTAIM MARINE Floating booth at the 2013 dubai Boat Show on CUBISYSTEM floating docks.

floating docks

floating docks


Cubisystem France and his local partners Terratech and Al Laith Scaffolding have installed in the Marina 500 sqm of modular Cubisystem floating docks.
There are two seperate pontoons (13m x 19m and 10m x 19m)

They are joined together by a bridge structure which is part of the multi deck level on the floating docks.

We have 4 boats on top of the pontoons with a total weight of approximately 10.000 kg, along with scaffold material with an approximate weight of 15.000 kg. Total weight on the Cubisystem platform 25 tons.

The build period was 7 days using a team of 15 men. We built the pontoons on the beach nearby before towing them to the loading position where the boats were lifted on by a crane.

We then towed the pontoons into position where we joined them and carried out the finishing work to create the exhibition stand. Perfect stability and great safety for this Cubisystem floating docks.


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