Floating docks at the Red Bull Flugtag.

Cubisystem floating docks in Kuwait.

A 250 m2 floating docks at the Red Bull Flugtag.

Cubisystem, French industry leader in modular pontoons, installed a 250 m2 floating platform in Kuwait City at the Red Bull Flugtag event in October 2012.

The barge-shaped platform with two boarding pontoons and a gangway served as a launching ramp for the crazy flying machines of the Red Bull Flugtag competitors.

Various tentative flights ended more or less abruptly with a 10 meter plunge into the warm waters of the Marina, watched by a crowd of at least 25.000!

Thanks to their buoyancy of in excess of 88 t, the Cubisystem modular floating docks carried scaffolding weighing nearly 20 t.

floating dock

floating docks

The Cubisystem technical team on site in Kuwait, assembling 220 floating platforms for Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day celebrations on 10 November 2012.

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