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With its widespread experience and its established leading position in the industry, the French company CUBISYSTEM guarantees:

  • Quality, service and innovation
  • Production standards
  • Resources
  • Respect for the environment

Quality, service and innovation.

CUBISYSTEM is committed to quality and long-term reliability.

 Numerous tests are carried out to validate our technical solutions and to ensure the efficiency of our installations. In addition to these tests:

  • Mechanical strength and impact resistance,
  • Stability and performance,
  • UV resistance and durability 
  • All our products are standardized and proven

CUBISYSTEM collaborates closely with its sub-contractors, making sure the required specifications are respected, and inspects all products before shipping and installation. Only the highest performing raw materials are used in our production technology.

The confidence and satisfaction of our clients is our most effective publicity. Expertise and experience cannot be improvised.

CUBISYSTEM is guaranteed.

Fish farms have been using our modular floating docks systems in the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, Asia and the Caribbean (tropical conditions) for the past twenty years.

CUBISYSTEM works attentively with its customers and researches the best possible strategies to the challenges that are presented. We believe in innovation and we continually seek new ways to improve our services and to create new products.


Our production is certified ISO 9001 and CUBISYSTEM conforms to the new European standards that apply to  floating docks. CUBISYSTEM is certified by BUREAU VERITAS. Our sports installations conform to the QUALISPORT standard.


The vantage points we offer include an extensive array of equipment and professional efficient partners, a development studio, a logistic platform, permanent stock, technical assistance, training, consulting services, maintenance and a dynamic after sales service.

We strive to suit our customers needs, always keeping a performance-based strategy while remaining cost effective. Our services range from that of basic supplier to provider of complete ready to use systems.

Respect for the environment

The CUBISYSTEM line of products does not pollute, is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable. Our innovative floating solutions are designed to be sustainable. CUBISYSTEM is a GREEN product.




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